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Project - 2012 Project 366... in progress

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i agree with getting a jumpstart and inserting the journal cards ahead of time. good plan!

Love your idea!! Thanks so much for sharing your tips and tricks!!

Project - 2012 Project 366... in progress
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Project - 2012 Project 366... in progress
by qsogirl
posted 02/02/12 at 08:50 AM
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I did a Project 365 in 2010 with one of Becky's kits, and I learned that if I had the little journaling cards pre-placed in the slots, I was so much more likely to keep on top of writing them each day. I used the kit straight out of the box (that's when it came all in one box!), and I absolutely love the result. My husband loves it, too!

This year, I'm doing another Project 365, or rather, 366!!– my daughter is 9 weeks old, and I want this to be a combination family scrapbook and baby book. But I don't have a ton of time (remember, 9 week old baby!), plus I am attempting to mix it up a bit. Even though I'm still using all Design A pages, I'm being more flexible about where the photos go (but I am still attempting a photo-a-day).

In December, when I got my page protectors and journaling cards, I spent an evening slipping the journaling cards into all the pockets for the whole year. This way, I don't have to think too hard about picking what card I want to use if I don't have the time. At the end of the day, or on the next day, I try to take a moment to write down a thought or memory on one of the cards. Sometimes if it's a longer thought, and I'm not sure if it will fit on a little card, I'll write it out on scrap paper to put it onto a bigger card later. So far this year, I have had one bigger card of journaling per week.

I take photos every day, but I don't necessarily upload/edit them the same day… even though I keep in mind which one I will be using for my photo-of-the-day. When I have the time (maybe every few days or so, hopefully), I process them in small batches and keep them in a special album in PSE until there are free prints or free shipping sales at Shutterfly to print them in big batches.

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