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Project - Winter the Dolphin


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What a fantastic layout

Project - Winter the Dolphin
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Project - Winter the Dolphin
by mebarnet
posted 06/19/11 at 01:50 PM
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I posted this LO yesterday when I posted some of the LO I had completed this weekend.

I had so many Peas ask about it, I thought I would list it separately with a title in case anyone was interested.

Yes, it is THE Winter the Dolphin, the one they are making the movie about. We live in the same County as the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, it is about 30 minutes away from us. This is from a trip we took there March of last year but we go there all the time.

We saw parts of the movie being filed in and around the city of Clearwater which I have to drive through to go to work everyday.

If any Peas get in and around Clearwater (The Tampa Bay Area) of Florida I would highly suggest Googling it and stopping by. The center is smallish but impressive and it has just been remodeled.

The photo of the trainer on the TOP of the right hand page shows the trainer putting the prostetic tail on Winter.

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