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Love how you used the Jolee's here -- those are hard to use effectively.

I love your clean, simple style!
Good for you to stay true!
Myra <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Fabulous!!! I love the simplicity of it. TFS~

Love it!!! Is is elegant and simple enough to not draw attention away from the pic, but not so simple that it is boring <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Great photo of you &amp; The Tower Bridge!

Love all the foofala you used!

: )

I was just looking through my pictures of London--I have one that's nearly identical. Great job with this layout! It may just be the inspiration I need to scrap my trip there!

~Krissy =)

I love this! I love the papers that you used and the stickers are cool! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'> I love that picture of you so much! You look so cute! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/wink.gif'>

You used great papers for this LO!! London is a beautiful city! You did a good jod.~~TFS~~

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