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Project - We'll be okay.

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Thanks Deanna. It'll be okay, like the title. Just changes... And caught a typo :) Glad I posted here prior to printing!

very nice. love the stitching! sorry you are going through so many changes right now.

i love that swirly stitched paper! and i love all the stitching throughout. great page!

Project - We'll be okay.
About this project

Project - We'll be okay.
by penguinmomma
posted 02/22/10 at 08:19 PM
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Lots of changes coming fast for our family. Waiting on an offer, but moving in 5 weeks regardless 9 hours when I'll be quitting my job & adjusting to being a SAHM with my husband back to a regular work day & deployment schedule. I dreaded pulling the kids out of daycare but had to in order to save money right now & today was our first day with our new schedule. My son loves school & I was nervous how it would go. Journaling reads:

Our first day on our new schedule. Daddy took you to gymnastics then we spent the day together, a trip to the library. I thought yu’d miss school, ask to see your friends. But instead, you and Analiese played together, you ate your dinner well, I got extra snuggles and bedtime was pretty easy. This may just work out after all…
For all of us.

Kit- Apring Strings Mini Kit from DesignHouseDigitals from Meredith Fenwick (Only $1 through Feb!). Staples from ShappyPrincess freebie & lyrics word art from Britt Ish Designs Lyrical kit.

Fonts: Ali's Offical Font & Brudderbrotpapier- both free downloads.

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