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Project - My Happy Place



The white drawer cabinet thingy came from Pottery Barn a couple years ago. Ordered it online. It fit right on top the window sill and I just cramped it in there and it stayed.

Great space <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'> So much stuff and very well organized, TFS

Woo Hoo! Love the picture window, also.

<img border='0' src='/images/icons/cool.gif'>

Great space!

<blockquote><HR size='1' color='#dedfdf'>What is that white cabinet full of small drawers? Is that a library card holder? Where did u get it?
I love it.
<HR size='1' color='#dedfdf'></blockquote>

I would love to know this too! I love that piece <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'> Wonderful room!

Wow, great room. It is the first time I see those punch holders. They look great. TFS.

Project - My Happy Place
About this project

Project - My Happy Place
by SStamp
posted 01/28/08 at 03:39 PM
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Pictures I took of my scrapbook room and how I organize my lovely stuff in a small space. I took these pictures last year but the room still looks about the same. The one picture is my way of storing ribbon. I bought this wire basket and hung it from the ceiling and weaved all the ribbon through it. It takes away the wrinkles in it for one and makes it really easy to find it and snip of a link for whatever project I am working on. The cabinet for my patterned pattern and colored paper, sits right behind me when I work, so all I do is turn around and it is right there. I keep my bazill separate though from the rest and store my favorite manufacturers in 12 x 12 art bin cases. The other custom cabinet was also built by my husband and has pull out drawers of the products I use most often… chalks, inks, clear stamps, embellishments in containers and also all my paint. Easy to get to and keep organized. My space is really small, but I cramp a lot in that small space and can find things pretty easilly when I need to. I put my Quickutz right over my work area, since I grab them on almost every layout, and I love to put buttons and brads all in frap bottles. Easy to dump into a box, pull the ones I want and then pour back in. I need to just find more time to spend in there!

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