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Project - Being 34


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Project - Being 34
About this project

Project - Being 34
by sczosnek
posted 05/04/12 at 07:22 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

1. Yellow Paper by Zoe Pearn (Kit - Happiness Is)
2. Star burst paper by Mari Koegelenberg (from the Today Bundle - His)
3. Orange/Coral paper by Penny Springman (This Month: April)
4. Yellow Circle PP with Hearts by Erica Zane (Miss Merry Sunshine Kit)
5. Brown Kraft Paper by Jenn Barrett (Everyday Story Telling Kit with Kristin KCB)

1. Color Pop Alpha by Shawna Clingerman (“b”)
2. Neutral Kraft alpha with Teal line by Zoe Pearn (“e”) {From Happiness is…}
3. Kraft Alpha by Jenn Barrette (“i)
4. Round wood grain alpha by KCB (Wildflower) (”n“)
5. Cream Alpha (”g") by Meg Mullens (Bloom where you are planted with Traci Reed)

1. Template by Nettio Designs (Block Party Vol 1)
2. White Flower with Red Center, and Smile Tag by Zoe Pearn
3. Kraft Leaf, Red Flower by Kristin KCB (Wildflower Kit)
4. Green Flag, Yellow Doily & White & Blue Polka Flower by Erica Zane
5. Striped Green Bow and Journaling Block by Jenn Barrette (Everyday Storytelling with Kristin KCB)
6. Lined paper flower & Cardboard frame by Studio Basic (Addiction EP)
7. Orange Flower & Green Button by Meg Mullens (Painted Petals Kit)
8. Bubble Paint & Grungy Edge paint by Penny Springman
9. Coral Ribbon & Pale Yellow Pola Ribbon by Julie Billingsly (Dreamy Afternoon Kit)
10. Blue Ribbon and white flower by Traci Reed (from Fly Away with Me Kit)
11. Yellow Label (from Today) and Yellow Butterfly (from Hello Sunshine) by Mari Koegelenberg
12. Purple word art, yellow flower, yellow flower tag, stripe bow, leaves and paper clip by Sugarplumb Paperie (Every Day of the Year)

Other Elements:
Yellow button by Kristing Cronin Barrow (Everyday Storytelling with Jen Barrette)
Green button by Jenn Barette (Everyday Storytelling with KCB)
Orange button by Mari Koegelenberg (from Hello, Sunshine)
Large Yellow FLower by KCB (Wildflower kit)
White Stitches by Traci Reed (Kinda Klean & Straight)
Small Yellow flower, Small red orange flower, Paper Clip, Striped Bow, Green leaf, Purple good life tage and yellow flower journaling tag by Sugarplumb Paperie (Each Day of the Year)
Date Bits 35 & Iron On Alpha 1 by Misty Cato
Staple by Meg Mullens
Tag by Julie Billingsly (Facebook Freebie)

MISC - Paint splatters and lines from Karah Fredericks
FONT: DJB At the Abby Downstairs; DJB Holly serif; DJB Mary Magpie

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