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Project - My new scrap room



I love everything about your room! I wish I had a room big enough to do this in.

Great room. TFS!

I don't use my KNK as much as I used to. Mainly now I use it for heavier cutting like chipboard or for when I need a truly custom image. It is a great machine though!

The table is in between table and counter height at about 33 inches. Casters would take it up to counter height, but I would think it would take quite a few casters and they would need to be heavy-duty to support the weight of the table itself plus all the stuff in the expedit bases.

Hi! Is the table counter height? Or do you think it could be if casters were added?

Love what you have done here - I see you have my KNK machine, which I have never mastered, do you use it much

Project - My new scrap room
About this project

Project - My new scrap room
by adamssa36
posted 02/28/13 at 09:09 PM
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After moving to my new house, I decided not to go the built-in route (since I did that in my last house and then had to leave it all when I moved). I now have an Ikea about 2 1/2 hours away, so I made a couple trips there and this is what I came up with. There are room for three scrappers at the center island which takes care of me and my two scrappin' sisters. I used a lot of Alex units for storage and re-cycled my jetmax cubes, but put Ikea Vika Amon table tops across them to make a usable counter space. Of course, I kept my scrappy couch where the puppies and I snuggle. So far it's working well!

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