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Project - Themed Layout: Santa is so very magical

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Project - Themed Layout: Santa is so very magical
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Project - Themed Layout: Santa is so very magical
by Erica Hernandez
posted 01/01/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

See, this is the stuff I want to remember about holidays. This is the stuff I want to remember about everyday life…the way the boys see the world, the way they are amazed by the simplest things - things that we take for granted. I never gave it a second thought when I moved our tiny tree from the corner of the room out to the center this Christmas Eve. It was out of necessity - to allow more room for Santa to leave his gifts for us without blocking entry to the kitchen (coffee is a MUST Christmas morning afterall :p) Jake though, was astounded by Santa's magic. It was the first thing he noticed Christmas morning - before anything else, it was that Santa had moved our tree. And that made him “so very magical” I only wish I could permanently make record of the lilt in his voice when he charged into our bedroom to share this bit of Christmas magic with us. I think I went a little overboard on this one but there are so many fun Christmas goodies in shopping that I couldn't stop myself!

<br>1. Open a new 8.5 x 11 canvas. Open dot patterned paper and drag to new canvas.
<br>2. Open red dot patterned paper, crop to size and add to bottom of new layout.
<br>3. Open ricrac and cover seam between papers. Add glitter leaf to lower left corner.
<br>4. Open chipboard letters to spell out title. Resize as desired and arrange as desired.
<br>5. Open journaling tag and overlay. Crop out snowflakes from overlay, drag to tag canvas and place as desired. Set layer mode to “overlay” Merge and add to layout as shown.
<br>6. Open photo, edit and drag to layout canvas.
<br>7. Add date and journaling to tag, formatting text to wrap around other elements.
<br>8. Add sequins, stars and “good times” tag as shown.

<br>Cream patterned paper and “good times” tag: Pinkie Pie kit (to be released January 1st)
<br>Red patterned paper: Nutcracker Sweet
<br>Journaling tag and staples: Stuck on You
<br>Chipboard letters: Well Worn
<br>Glitter leaf: Fancy Little Christmas
<br>Sequins: December 25
<br>Stars: Season's Greetings
<br>Flourish overlay: Snowflakes
<br>font: AL Hurried Note
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