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Project - New Product Focus : big tub 'o goo


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Project - New Product Focus : big tub 'o goo
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Project - New Product Focus : big tub 'o goo
by Erica Hernandez
posted 08/01/08
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>LOVE the new October Afternoon and Making Memories stuff! And it coordinates so well together :)</p>
<p>The journaling turned out relaly hard to read (I actually re-printed it and stuck it to the back of the layout) but here it is anyway:</p>
<p>39 weeks + 2 days: so, in my estimation, I&rsquo;m not an overly emotional person. Titanic didn&rsquo;t make me shed a single tear. Hallmark (both the greeting card giant and sappy TV network) can&rsquo;t touch my steely facade. I&rsquo;ve learned to manage stress with an enviable stoicness. I attribute my keen abilities on my realization that emotion doesn&rsquo;t fix things. It doesn&rsquo;t solve problems. I completely understand the value of a good cry now and then…it just isn&rsquo;t my way. There are a couple of notable exceptions. For instance, seeing people overcome great odds to accompish something extraordinary touches me. The opening ceremony for the Olympics always gets me misty. And of course, seeing my children in pain is hard to handle without exhibiting some emotion (and I tend to think this is a natural reaction as much for your children as for yourself - they need to see that their problems affect you in a profound way.) With this pregnancy though, hoo boy, things have changed in a big way. I have an emotional response to seemingly every little thing. It&rsquo;s hard to understnad and hard to deal with. I&rsquo;m sure much of it can be attributed to the extra dose of estrogen little miss has contributed to my system (definitely a different side effect than anything I experienced with boy pregnancies!) I&rsquo;ll miss being pregnant…I know that for a fact. I won&rsquo;t miss this teariness though. Nope, not a bit. </p>
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