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Project - and then all of a sudden



Beautiful! I love the colors, angled design and especially the sweet story. :)

Wonderful journaling! So nice to hear about a "happily ever after." :)

I LOVE the story behind your layout, Erica! So happy you found "the one." ;)

wonderful design

Project - and then all of a sudden
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Project - and then all of a sudden
by Erica Hernandez
posted 07/15/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Gosh, it was only 8 years ago but we look so much younger! I guess kids x 3 will do that to you :) I always love Chelsea's designs…so pretty. I chose some of the more muted tones and positioned them so the patterns and graphics wouldn't show. Worked perfectly with this flower from the Sugar & Spice kit!

Journaling reads:
we were married. Just us and six spectators there to witness it. In Vegas no less. The world capital of gaudy, tacky excess. And it was perfect! We’d both done the “big deal” wedding before and guess what? It was a complete waste of money and resources. Money spent on commemorating relationships that wouldn’t last. This time, we both knew what it was we wanted out of a partner and knew we had found it in each other. Trust me, the irony of our short courting/engagement isn’t lost on me. The girl who just months earlier was rolling her eyes at the speedy time frame leading up to an acquaintances rush to the altar with her “soul mate” <gag.> I wonder if she, too has experienced years of wedded bliss since that fateful day. I hope so. I deserve that “told you so” after following the same path myself with such exceedingly wonderful results.
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