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Project - half full



Thanks for sharing this. August was a scary month for me, almost losing my brother and then actually losing a sweet neighbor that lives just down the street from me. I got a bit scared and discouraged, but you're right...we need to focus on what's good and recognize all the blessings we have.

wow this is so lovely!


Good words - if only it were so easy to change the Type A mindset, hey?

Love this.

awesome :)

Project - half full
About this project

Project - half full
by Erica Hernandez
posted 08/17/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

A no photo layout for this one. Just some thoughts about my current state of mind. I'm laid back. Very laid back. I think maybe it drives some people crazy but I'm not bothered by that :p Lots of fun little goodies here - some of them SUPER old. Like the little “joyful” tag that I cut from an ancient Autumn Leaves tab embellishment. And the Autumn Leaves stitched rub-ons that I still love all these many years later.

Journaling reads:
half full. this is how i live my life. with optimism. a positive outlook. always.

i wasn’t always like this and some might think me naive for being a pollyanna now but i won’t apologize for it. i’m still a realist. however, my reality is that dwelling on a potential issue won’t prevent it. nine times out of ten the worst case scenario *won’t* happen and all of that time you spent fixing it in your head took away from time that could have been better spent enjoying your life, your family, your friends. the other 10% of the time? I'll deal with it when it happens. chalk it up to life experience. learn from it and grow from it. i refuse to let other people bring me down or drag me in to their drama. i refuse to change the person that i am. i kind of like me. a whole lot more than i did when the glass was half empty.
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