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In case the Tiny URL above doesnt work for you, here is the direct link to Walmart's Postcard Printing service:

I'd like to share one more bit of information with those that will create & mail postcards instead of the traditional card/envelope tradition. Photographs direct through the mail dont fare well, as I found out, then someone told me about WALMARTs POSTCARD PRINTING service. I have used it and reccomend it BUT be sure to leave 1/8 white space all around your 4x6 canvas, otherwise the edges of your card WILL get cut off during printing (you may want to have them print 1 postcard only first, as proof, then the whole dozen)
You can read more about the postcard printing service here:

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

(I would like to post this some place where this idea will get more traffic - please let me know where that might be & I'll will gladly do it)


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