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Project - silhouette example.. typing onto a print and cut



Hey looks great. Right in the thick of getting ready to assemble a family tree scrapbook. I will give this a try on my machine. Thanks for sharing.

nice layout

Thanks for sharing... I am always so jealous about those Cricut owners because that is what I hear about the most, and everybody but me that I personally know that scraps... and I have the Sil, original. Hope I can make it do some fun stuff like this someday.

This looks great - thanks for sharing - I'll have to try this out!

that is So great! I just purchased a silhouette about 1 week ago and haven't had much time to play or figure it out ;) Excited to see it can do this! Great layout :)

Project - silhouette example.. typing onto a print and cut
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Project - silhouette example.. typing onto a print and cut
by DarlMelv
posted 03/25/11 at 10:58 AM
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i did this LATE last night but had a layout i did not particularily like and took it partially apart. wanted to put siblings bday down and did not want to hand cut each ticket. This is the ticket file from House of 3 from Silhouette (you can make as big as you need) i typed text onto each ticket, filled in the text with the color brown, and then printed it first in my printer (with registration marks so the Sil can find) and then put it through my Sil. I also did this on a journaling tag done in a ledger background. How quick when it cut each piece out - 17 tix - and all i had to do was tack them down! viola! i was psyched so i had to share. I stayed up way too late but took the time to really stretch what this machine can do.

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