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Project - Mushroom Cupcakes

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I like this layout and your journaling. It emphasizes the story behind the picture.

LOL!! Great journaling, I was cracking up at the result! I love your journaling banners too!

I love the details of this page. It makes the story so much more interesting. :)

Project - Mushroom Cupcakes
About this project

Project - Mushroom Cupcakes
by FleaPea
posted 08/11/12 at 06:10 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

For the Words Unsaid journaling workshop.

The layout is a little plain, even for me, but I cannot figure out how to embellish this layout… those blue spaces in between the journaling need something… I also need to reprint that top photo the same size as the other two photos.

I do like the journaling, much more interesting than “the boy had a birthday there was cake” that is my normal birthday layouts. The journaling says:

The Cupcakes: Russell has been a little obsessed with Mario Kart lately so Ila came up with the idea of making “Mushroom Cup Cupcakes” for his 3rd birthday. We made and decorated 22 cupcakes.

The Boy: Russell age 3 as of June 3rd 2012, quiet, sneaky, always hungry and lover of all things Mario Kart and anything resembling dessert.

The Results: We should have known better than to leave the leftover cupcakes where the ever-hungry boy could reach them. At least nine cupcakes perished from this messy mistake.

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