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9  Comments - Yesterday,Today, and Tomorrow

This is lovely! I wonder if it can be done 'hands on' rather than digital. I think I'll try it and see... you won't mind if I have been inspired by you, will you? :-)

I love the effect you did with your pictures! Great LO!

Amazing! You are the digi queen. Very nice!

Wow what a cool technique!! Beautiful photos and love the quote. Wonderful job!

Pam - this is fantastic. You are rocking on the digital pages - please share how you did that! So cool!

Oh my word, Pam, how on earth did you do that? Love the photos and the cool earth being warmed by the stitched sun. We need to know your techniques! I love the way the colors are so bright and beautiful together.

What a cool effect making the sphere, it looks like it could roll right off the page! I love the colours of the flowers you chose too!

You BOS'd this one GF! This is so cool I can't stand it! I will love hearing how you did this one! The photos and colors are so clear and beautiful, I have never seen anyone do this before! Love it!

This looks cool. Please tell how you did the sphere.

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