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Project - Kathie's garlic plant

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Wow - this is so pretty. The purple really pops on the page. Great job!

So pretty! I like the sketch of the flower on the background.

Love that paint. This looks like one of those ads from way back during the Victorian era. Beautiful page and AWESOME job. TFS

Wow this is beautiful! so nice to see your pages! I am a fan you know! Love the photo and it is so well blended into the paper behind it. I have never seen a garlic plant-it is beautiful. No wonder I love the fruit it bears! LOL

purple is pretty love all the different techniques you used...the masking, the lower opacity to bleed through the bg ppr, the brushes, and the tape...very cool

Pam, I love this beautiful page. Is that what garlic looks like as it's growing? Or is that just the name of the flower? Whichever, it is beautiful. I love the backgrounds and brushed colors. You do such elegant work.

Project - Kathie's garlic plant
About this project

Project - Kathie's garlic plant
by bawzie
posted 02/04/13 at 02:20 PM
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Used some freebies from AAspnes
other products from KPertiet
and some old misc. TFL

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