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Project - Valentine's Day | Celebrate Love



Love your grid design and I agree, the die cut paper on the upper left keeps the layout from looking too symmetrical. Great layout!

like this!

thanks to everyone for your very sweet comments - you sure know how to make a girl feel special :)

This is so so cute!!!

Lisa, Lisa - you are the bomb. I know you get tired of me bragging on you but truly - you are the bomb!! This rocks!!!! Love every tiny bit of it.

Love this. Seriously makes me want to make some Valentines treats just to take pictures.

Project - Valentine's Day | Celebrate Love
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Garden Girl

Project - Valentine's Day | Celebrate Love
by bluestardesign
posted 02/01/13
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I've often avoided scrapping Valentine's Day because it's not typically a blow-out holiday around our house. :) But last year, I made an effort to commemorate this day of love with some special little treats and events throughout the day and I wanted to document that on this layout.

Since the photos included both my son and daughter, I didn't want the page to be too girly, so I included orange with the traditional Valentine's Day color scheme of red & pink. Building the whole design on a kraft cardstock base also keeps it from being too frilly or girly.

The four photos rest on four squares of patterned paper, with the top left square layered under a die cut heart pattern of ivory cardstock. I like that this element keeps my grid design from looking too symmetrical and adds some fun dimension.

The title is a mix of a kraft tag + wooden letters and a die cut word “love” that I've strung across the center of the page with twine. The twine helps create a visual line that ties my journaling block into the grid of photos. I love to mix up materials in my titles, using various fonts, letter sizes, and colors to keep things interesting!
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