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Project - **My Happiness is**. ..As seen in CK Sept 2006



I love this layout, i have been hanging onto it for a long time, waiting to scraplift it. I'm glad I know who to give credit to now when i do!! Thanks for the inspiration!

love it! congrats on the pub! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/wink.gif'>

Project - **My Happiness is**. ..As seen in CK Sept 2006
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Project - **My Happiness is**. ..As seen in CK Sept 2006
by Debby~Whogivesascrap
posted 07/24/07 at 06:54 PM
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This is a layout I did for Lisa Bearnson for Happiness is…
Hope you liked it the first time around.
I have been so busy lately I am just now putting it into my gallery.

~Warm Hot chocolate on a cold Winter*s day.
~Rainy Days seem to make everything smell clean and fresh.
~Clean Warm fresh clothes coming out of the dryer.
~Cash found in a pocket that was forgotten about.
~ Coming home to a house that smells like homemade bread.
~ Kissing sleeping Children.
~ Taking time to smell the flowers in the world.
~Rainstorms in the distance.
~ Fresh Quietness of newly fallen snow.
~ Taking a nice warm bath to relax the stress of the day away.
~Going shopping at your favorite store without the kids and no time limit.
~ Reading a good book to your kids.
Fun ideas/tips and tricks:
~Made a matchbook to hold a lot of the other photos listed in my journaling.
~ My own Transparency titles. I like to make my own Transparencies. It is easy for me to match the colors and the way the title flows. I can’t buy a transparency that I want so I just make it. A also try to attach them so you can’t tell that they are there. This one I sewed with my sewing machine in two different places to hold it into place.
Patterned Paper: 3 Bugs in a Rug: Sugar Line:
Background: Honey
Starting from the top:
2nd layer : Horizontal stripe: Sugar Cane
3rd layer: Purple circles and white daisy flowers: Candy Mix
4th Layer: flower strip with sewing on each side: Sugar on Top
5th Layer: very bottom red circles: Pretty Please
Top Circle over photo: flower: Pretty Please
2nd Circle over photo: green circles: Jaw breaker
Cut out flower on the top left side out of the Pretty Please , pattern paper.
Matchbook: NRN Designs, Floral BATIK
All Pattern paper used inside is 3 Bugs in a Rug. Sugar line.
Cardstock: Keeping Memories Alive Cream, off white (journaling)
Rubber-stamp ink: Van Dyke brown, on the edges of corners that were sewn. Top left and bottom left.
Computer fonts: Amery, CaslonNo540D, windows fonts. LainieDaySH downloaded off internet,
( [] ).
Creative lettering idea: I printed words on my photos using Adobe, Photoshop, Elements 3. You can add any title or word any color in that program. The main photo on the page has that “Relax” printed when I printed the photo.
Inside of the matchbook all the photos have descriptive words printed on the photo. This is to show what photo goes with the journaling idea and thought.

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