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Project - Love of a Family

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Sorry for my comment about the "flowers" since there are none on this lay out I assume I was talking about your feathers which I love!

Beautiful layout! I love the way everything balances out so well. Also, thank you for the link to the tutorial. I can't waig to make some feathers!!

Love the layout. Especially the flowers!

Thanks Julie! I finally got around to journaling and putting a title on it. Lol. I guess I was hasty in uploading it.

Love this!

Thanks! Here is the tutorial I found online if you would like to make some too.

Project - Love of a Family
About this project

Project - Love of a Family
by Ising
posted 07/21/12 at 11:01 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I made this LO for the incorporate three trends challenge. I made paper feathers and used them on the LO, as well as banners, the color navy blue, and there are squares on my grid paper. I had fun making the paper feathers and think that is a cute new trend.

I used some Me and my big ideas paper from their Mambi Sheets. It was a pad of paper with lots of Navy blue. I also used some of Teresa Collins Everyday Moments paper (yellow quatrefoil and yellow flowers).

After I have thought about what I want to say, I am going to journal in the white spot at the top I left for myself.
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