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Project - My New Scraproom


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What a nice scraproom you have!! Your custom cabinets are beautiful, and I love your quote you have above the window! TFS! <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

Project - My New Scraproom
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Project - My New Scraproom
by AKathy
posted 01/10/07 at 10:18 AM
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This scraproom has been many months in the making. I had a cabinet maker custom make oak cabinets to fit my things. The pictures do not do the color scheme justice. I had the walls painted purple and the fabric between the upper and lower cabinets is turquoise. I also had under cabinet lighting put in.

#1 as you're coming into the room. The fabric between the cabinets you can pin things to or velcro things to it. The upper cabinets hold my camera equipment and my portable printer and supplies. Lower drawers hold my stamping equipment and other misc. craft supplies

#2 Upper cabinets hold mail supplies and misc. Lower cabinet has pull outs that hold my printer and scanner

#3 Upper cabinet holds my TV and lower is my computer desk with a pull out keyboard

#4 Window and window treatment is purple and turquoise. Lower drawers are file drawers custom made to fit my paper.

#5 My scrap desk with a pencil drawer.

#6 is a raised countertop that holds my Genesis trimmer and QK. It has an overhang so a bar stool can be pulled up to it and used for another scrapper.

#7 is the closet that I keep oversized things in and gift wrapping supplies. I plan to have it custom built so I have cubbies and shelves to hold everything.

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