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Project - So sweet is the voice of a sister...

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Project - So sweet is the voice of a sister...
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Project - So sweet is the voice of a sister...
by kottens
posted 12/05/12 at 10:15 AM
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So sweet is the voice of a sister in the seasons of sorrow.

My niece Rebecca is going through hell right now. She suffers from scoliosis and have had so many rough years. She has just turned 18 but has struggled with it since she was 12 years old. She made her second surgery two weeks ago and has finally been able to go home from the hospital. She's been there so much longer then we expected due to complications. As soon as she has healed up she will make another even larger surgery. She is so strong and brave and I wish her all the best. She's my little hero…

This is Rebecca and her sister Jessica holding hands while she slept with her at the hospital. Situations like these affects the whole family and they are all going through difficult times right now. The layout is framed and I gave it to her so she could have it on the wall in her room.

Details and close up's on my blog []

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