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Project - Full Fridge

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Thank you everyone! It so fabulous to get comments and be featured ... made my day!

Congrats on being the blog feature! This lo is so expressive! Wonderful text.

Great layout!
Congrats on being featured as layout of the day on the digi designers blog:

This is such a cool page. I can absolutely relate. I always have that sense of contentment with a full fridge. Isn't it strange what gives us all comfort?

I like your journaling too...very insightful.

I really like the way that you journaled about yourself. I can relate because I have had times where it wasn't possible to have a full fridge and it's really hard. It makes me want to do a page about how my Mom feels practically paniced if she doesn't have several 20's in her wallet. The credit cards and dollar amount in the bank don't matter at all but having that back up in her wallet is. I often think about that and in what way it is reflective of her personality. KWIM. Anyway cool page, neat concept. Love the rounded oblong mask for your fridge photo.

Project - Full Fridge
About this project

Project - Full Fridge
by kimberly.kalil
posted 10/24/10 at 10:14 AM
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When I was working on this page my husband mentioned that it was a lot different than what I usually do because it didn't feature our kids. I do a lot of scrapping about my kids, but not much about other things. I need to do more about the other stories in my life.

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