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Project - How Quickly Things Change



Love the journaling on strips of paper! Cute photo!

Terrific page

I am all for capturing real and unfiltered moments like this! Great layout!

Project - How Quickly Things Change
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Project - How Quickly Things Change
by kimberly.kalil
posted 03/11/14 at 01:40 PM
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I was pouring over old Facebook photos and stumble onto this one of Cooper from January 3, 2010 with the caption: Coop inside the little house Shelby made from a left over Christmas box. The photo, with his chubby cheeks and big blue eyes, is so precious. But even more precious was the comment I found attached with it. Mike had posted the comment, but I don?\'t remember seeing it. He said “I love this kid, and especially the absolute joy in his eyes every time he's got a new toy. I especially love that this is from ShelbyMade.”

“However, to be introspective for a rare moment, I especially love that, even thought there's a bit of graininess, we capture more awesome moments of our lives on bad camera phones than with going to a Sears/KMart/Whatever studio or setting up a tripod or hauling out a dinky video camera made in 1996. I encourage everyone to make your camera phone your go-to device for capturing magic, or else you lose it setting up and posing.”

In my lifetime, memory keeping has changed in ways I never thought possible. Modern technology: Facebook, camera phones, etc has been a game-changer. It's amazing how easily we can capture these sweet moments, as well as our feelings for them. Times have changed for sure.

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