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Project - YOU Have Energy! SCRAPS OF COLOR

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This layout is too cute!!!!

This is so bright and colorful! I am loving this in a BIG way.

Project - YOU Have Energy! SCRAPS OF COLOR
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Project - YOU Have Energy! SCRAPS OF COLOR
by keeperkwill
posted 12/08/10 at 02:03 AM
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This is one of the pages for my first post at Scraps of Color! This is Ahmad wearing my shirt! (DISCLAIMER: I can't fit this on my WRIST right now…I wore this before I became a big mama!!!) I have a MILLION shots of my guys which are VERY similar to this but I love that I thought to include a great childhood memory this time! When we were acting silly, my Mom would tell my sibs and me “Oh…you MUST have ENERGY!” Those five words would make us weak in the knees because we KNEW we were about to get FIFTEEN chores to expend some of that energy we OBVIOUSLY had since we had time to be silly. It's funny now that I'm a Mommy but I wanted to CUT somebody when 15 year old Kee heard her say that!!! Make sure to sign up for your free subscription to the ezine: [] TFL!!!

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