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Project - You Stole My Heart as seen in MM



Just stumbled across this and I'm ever so glad I did!! I'm in complete awe of this layout!! SO FABULOUS!!! TFS & into my BOS!

Gloria <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Wow, Donna this is touching. I love it - HOORAY for you on the publish <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'> Thanks for sharing this! ~Brook

Great layout.

Gorgeous colours, the eye candy here is delightful.

Project - You Stole My Heart as seen in MM
About this project

Project - You Stole My Heart as seen in MM
by Fossil girl
posted 04/25/05 at 09:05 PM
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Here's a page that came out in Memory Makers Family and Freinds special issue, 2005. I did an accordion album on ebay that was similar looking and the same theme. The purple mat with the photo opens up to reveal the journaling….“Family 1st Birthday Celebration
Nashville, Tennessee 1997.
My heart both rejoices and aches when I behold your faces in this moment. You are both so incredibly beautiful…too beautiful.
I look at Triston and ponder his expression thinking… “Hum, where is that little boy at this moment?” A far off gaze he has, or one simply of boredom as he endures Mommy’s wish to have an old time photo taken at Opryland.
Kathryn is looking lively and happy, so true to her personality as she tried to chew on her costume and pearls. She has recovered well since the goat in the petting zoo tried to steal her bottle of milk.
My joy comes from seeing your inner beauty and personalities starting to emerge. The heart ache though is always felt since I look at any photo prior to March 1998 and think, “Yes, this was before autism.” Before both the shadow and the light. Simpler days perhaps, although they never felt like it at the time. Did part of my heart having an inkling of what might be to come? I can only look back now over the years and wonder.
One year and a day old.
It is Sunday. We have come to the park.
Everyone who matters in my life is here with us at this moment.
They have split up into different groups depending on what they were interested in. Some are on roller coasters; some are having a bite to eat. Others are without knowing it, capturing the Perfection of Life that I see in this photo of my baby twins. Mommy’s on one side and Daddy’s on the other holding up Kitty’s hat, thinking please hurry and get this shot for my wife before we have both babies crying.
Life is still so new with these two, yet somehow I feel like we are on our way to becoming seasoned. Everyday is different, that is to be certain. Everyday an adventure, a challenge, and one more part of the learning process on being a parent.
I am so thankful for this moment of perfection.
It has stolen my heart forever.
Mommy February 2004”

I used ALOT of stamping and hand cut designs of this page. I painted the heart with watercolors. Most of the paper is 7gypsies. TFL!

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