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Project - I love moments...

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Beautiful layout :)

What fantastic journaling and what an incredible outlook and attitude you have! Well done :)

I was moved by your journaling as well, and your design is wonderful!

I think it's perfect! It's a great design that follows exactly the way the eyes naturally go across a page - left to right, starting in upper L corner and anchored by the title at the bottom.

Your journaling is sweet and true and from the heart. It touched me. Blessings to you on your cancer journey.

Love this lo!! going in my bos

You've done a wonderful job with your balance and overall design. Your journalling though is what stands out as comment-worthy for me. It is so raw and candid. And, so true. There is a significant amount of breast cancer among my mom's sisters (four) and they've ALL beat it!

Sending my love and prayers your way as you battle and win this battle again the horrible 'C'.

Project - I love moments...
About this project

Project - I love moments...
by DreamyNest
posted 02/16/11 at 05:02 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

My third digital layout, ever. I had a lot of fun with this. Still learning. I realize that I need to learn to take better pictures and that I know nothing about balance and keeping a scrapbook page looking uniform. I tried though.

Journaling reads:
I love the simple moments. The moments that seem insignificant, but really aren’t. These feet-in-the-sand pictures were taken just 3 days before I discovered I have breast cancer. It was a happy moment, camera-worthy, but not a particularly special moment, until now, as I look back. This moment, is perfect. Just as every moment since my diagnosis is perfect, too. Every moment counts. I know that better now than I did before breast cancer.
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