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Project - Signs of Aging



Brilliant in EVERY way...from a "very experienced" 38 year old. :) Love your THINKING. How DID you come up with the columnar approach for your banners? SOOO smart. Love your color/paper choices. Your photos are BEAUTIFUL. You and Cindy Crawford!!

Just turned 37 myself, so I can identify... We realised last night that I've known my husband for half of my life! And had to laugh at the 'Ma'am rather than Miss'. It's happening to me more often lately too :-(

Cute LO for that 'about me' album.

So adorable... and so true! And I'm with sassiescrapper... at 38, you're still a youngster to me! :-)

brilliant tags!

Love it!!! Everything about it! I'm the same age and we've still got lots to do and experience!! :)

Fabulous, wow!

Project - Signs of Aging
About this project

Garden Girl

Project - Signs of Aging
by JenGallacher
posted 07/18/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Recently all of the Garden Girls confessed to the year they were born. It became quickly evident that I'm the oldest one of the group. GASP! How did that happen? So to embrace the situation, I created a “tongue-in-cheek” layout about some of the signs that I am aging.

To create the layout, I typed up several “aging” comments and then cut them into banners. Then I thought it might be fun to hang them from twine strung between brads so that what's I did on the second page.

I actually created the left side page last. Sometimes the journaling drives me. I REALLY hate having my picture taken so I cropped the photos into circles and cut off part of my face. I actually fell better about the pictures now. LOL!

I added lots of rub-ons and papers from the Basic Grey school line because it works perfectly with the idea of the number of my age (see the Jillibean Soup numbers cut from pp at the top), and the journaling on this page.

Just a silly way to deal with the fact that I AM getting older. Sigh.
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