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Project - Focus on Photos: Best Day Ever (grid tutorial)



I really love this layout, the Colors, the grid, the Memory Folder Format. so inspiring!

Great layout with multiple photos and great layering.

Love that you were able to highly embellish so many photos and still keep it clean looking

Love this!

Such bright colors and great photos. This is beautiful! Your layouts always have such a clean design - not something that is easily achieved. Love this, especially that cute banner across the top. Love how you overlapped a couple of them. :)

LOVE this !!! beautiful!

Project - Focus on Photos: Best Day Ever (grid tutorial)
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Garden Girl

Project - Focus on Photos: Best Day Ever (grid tutorial)
by JenGallacher
posted 05/01/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This month the Garden Girls are focusing on using photos in unique ways on their layouts. I wanted to share a photo grid tutorial with you that uses Photoshop to create and print a grid of photos:

Step 1: Open up a document in Photoshop the size your printer (or online printing service) will allow. Add boxes in the sizes you want the photos to be. (see image 5)
Step 2: Open up each photo you want to use in the box layer you want to drop it. Drag and drop the photo onto the box. Use the command “CTRL + ALT + G” to group the layers together. Use the command “CTRL + T” to resize the original photo to fit perfectly within the box. (see image 6)
Step 3: Continue adding photos to the box layers until you get it where you like. You can leave one box open to add journaling later or you can change the box color and type the journaling now. (see image 7)
Step 4: Open up the photo grid in the printing menu. Print the grid at the size you'd like. (see image 8)
Step 5: Print or write journaling on paper cut to fit the final, open box. Place the journaling on the grid in the open photo spot. (see image 9)

You can also use Microsoft's photo software to create something similar by simply selecting which photos you want printed. Just print them out on cardstock or photo paper to include them in your layout.

Photo grids are great for filling a page with lots of photos. Have additional questions? Please peamail me, and I'll try to help.

Below I've suggested “photography” or “camera” products you can use to reinforce the theme of these being some of my favorite photos of my son with his Dad. These types of elements work perfectly with any theme.
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