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Project - Summer Theme: Down n' Dizzy



This is one of my favorite color combos. I just love the airiness to it. Great design. It's a beautiful page, Jen. :)

Love your color combo on this!

Everything just clicks beautifully on this page!

I love this! Eu adoro os trabalhos da Jen

Wonderful design & love your gift for journaling so well!

Very fun page and colors!:)

Project - Summer Theme: Down n' Dizzy
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Garden Girl

Project - Summer Theme: Down n' Dizzy
by JenGallacher
posted 07/01/13
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It just wouldn't be summer without a trip or two the park, and we're lucky enough to have a splash pad next to our city park. On this particular day to dry off after getting wet, my son sat on this spinning chair and went round and round and round. I can't even watch him when he does this. It makes me sick. I talk about that in my journaling which reads:

This boy likes to spin, and when I say spin, I mean gut-wrenching, tornado vortex of death spins that would send his mother into a week-long recovery, which is why instead of watching she looks elsewhere and pretends that her son isn't the daredevil that he is.

I used bright, sunshiney colors for this layout and lots of fun boy elements like stripes, wooden elements, feathers, and stamping. Little details keep this layout manly and playful.

Don't forget to document what your kids like to do during their summer outings and not just what you observed.
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