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Project - This is me.

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Project - This is me.
About this project

Project - This is me.
by ElaineU
posted 12/05/12 at 10:25 AM
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Ten years after high school and six years after college, I think it is time to admit that I am a “grown up.” I often don’t think of myself as one; but, now that I’m a late-twenty-something, I can’t deny it. Birthdays do that to me.

As I evaluate where I am in life, I recall that this past year has been filled with many new experiences and new mercies each day. Twenty Twelve marked four years of marriage, and my love has deepened and renewed for a faithful partner who faces life’s battles with me. I enjoy helping him and knowing him more with each passing year. And, with an ever-changing family, I see his patience and care more clearly each time we welcome a new child in our home.

Personally, I have seen God grant grace to endure difficulty and grace to acknowledge my own failures. I have sensed peace in those uncertainties and love through it all. I have felt mixed emotions regarding the future and learned more intimately how to rest in the One who knows the outcome.

I feel as if I finally understand ME. For some time, I’ve known what I stand for and what matters most in this life (and also what will matter when I enter the next), but – until recently – I didn’t fully grasp myself as a whole. I am sensitive, affectionate, stubborn, detailed, artistic, intelligent, forgetful, creative, critical, funny, compassionate, romantic, serious, organized, curious, and structured. I can be each of these. And that’s okay. I love to travel to new places, to read challenging thoughts, and to find commonality in people. I need to be acknowledged and appreciate foresight from loved ones.

I am “only” 28. Yet, as I experience this abundant life, my youth seems more fleeting each day. This is me. Who I am today, and who I am becoming.

Kit is Personally from Dawn by Design
Font is Pea Elaine
Design inspired by LO by Kim R.

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