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Project - Flowers

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Thanks ladies

This is just marvelous! I love the bright colors. Fresh flowers are such a joy to have, I may start doing that, I love them and am always to cheap to buy them for myself. I wait to get them as a gift and that isn't to often. Thanks for the inspiration.

this is just lovely. I really like the colors you chose and the embellishments are perfect. very pretty indeed!

Thank you or the compliments on my layout.

Deb that is such a sweet story, thank you for sharing it with me :)

love the vase of flowers embelly layered on top of the actual photo. I love fresh flowers too but don't usually indulge. My neighbor used to keep fresh flowers in his house all year round. He loved flowers, had a flower garden in the pea patch next to his home, and never was withoug a fresh vase of flowers. It was always a delight to visit him for tea at his house. He passed away a little over a year ago, and I miss him. Thanks for reminding me of him with your vase of flowers.

Very pretty! Your design is great and I enjoyed reading your journaling too. What a fun indulgence to have!

Project - Flowers
About this project

Project - Flowers
by txncutie
posted 02/28/11 at 08:56 AM
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