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Project - Fathers Day Candy Bars

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Of course! Copy away! It was so neat to be able to make each one special, and like I said, such a creative and worthwhile use for the papers I probably wouldn't have used otherwise.

These are just some of them--we made about 40. But it was quick and easy with a team!

What a fun idea! All those Father's out there will love them!

I played with this idea a couple of times during the Christmas Holidays. I stamped various Xmas stamps on a piece of paper, adding this and that. Then, I copied that sheet of paper, and wrapped the candy bars with that design created on the paper. Tied with red or green bows. It was such fun!

Very cute Idea...Do you mind if I copy it to give out Leader gifts at Girl Scout Camp...It wouldn't hurt the budget to much and us ladies can always use a chocolate pick-me-up after dealing with 70+ girls!

Project - Fathers Day Candy Bars
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Project - Fathers Day Candy Bars
by pinkabella
posted 06/15/12 at 07:02 PM
via Two Peas for iPhone
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We put together a bunch of chocolate candy bars as small gifts for the fathers in our church. I pulled a bunch of old papers from my stash (mambi, k&co), plus jute and bakers twine. It was a pleasure working on them together as a group!

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