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Project - Have Some Fun!

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Project - Have Some Fun!
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Project - Have Some Fun!
by rcozycupcake
posted 04/22/12 at 04:11 PM
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I love these photos so much, and the story behind them is so funny, but the quality is not that great. They're dark in some places and really bright in others, making them rather “rubbish”, as Shimelle would say. Good to know that Challenge 15 over at her blog ( [] for her weekend crop was all about using said rubbish photos and telling the story anyway. So I dived right in!

The quick story behind these pictures is that my little family member Joseph is not fond of people. At all. But the one person he absolutely adores is my dad. Now, my aunt loves kids, but little Joseph wouldn't be swayed easily (after all, he'd never met my aunt in his short little life up until that point), so why would he suddenly choose to jump into her arms when he says no to everybody else? Well, it was Christmas, and my aunt decided to woo him with a bit of wine, and after that, little Joe wouldn't leave her side hoping she'd indulge him some more.

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