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Project - Family Recipe Book



I love this - very creative! I need to organize my recipes and am looking to do something similar. What size is it your book? Did you use standard page protectors or customize them somehow?


Thanks so much, guys!!!!

Awesome! I too, love the page protectors for a cooking mini - makes it practical, too!! :D

WOW. I love it. I like that you did use plastic covers for it to be used when you are cooking. Great job like always.

Project - Family Recipe Book
About this project

Project - Family Recipe Book
by soaphousemama
posted 01/03/12 at 02:14 PM
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I have been collecting supplies for this for a while now and got busy putting it together on the New Year's weekend. I wanted a recipe book for my family that was super functional but also fun to look at. The covers are clear acrylic and every page is in a protector. I had a really hard time finding acrylic tabs the size I wanted, so I bought some Grafix sheets and made my own tabs. The twine pull elements have been coated in clear glue to give them a stiffness and to prevent food staining them (I am a messy cook :)

My hubby works nights and we homeschool our growing family, so we eat 3 meals a day together and around the table. I customized our categories to how we eat as a family. So, we have: “Breakfast”, “Lunch&Dinner” (in our house lunch items and dinner items are one in the same), “Snacks” (treats and light meals) and “Other” (anything that doesn't fit in the other 3 categories).

I used Mostly October Afternoon Modern Homemaker paper, mixed with a couple of sheets from TPC and some really OLD MME. I used a SMASH band and stamped it with stayz on ink. I also used printable recipe cards from Rhonna Farrer and Printables from Shimelles Something From Nothing Class: []
and SJ's Having a Nigella Moment: []
Also, some of 2Peas Freebie printables from the newsletters.

I filled in some of our favorites and left some blank to add new recipes. The last page: “more yum” is designed to be a pocket to put in extra recipes that I am trying out or that I want to add to the book.

Oh, and in case the cover title “soaphouse family recipes” makes no sense… s.o.a.p. is an acronym of my husband and I's initials and it has just stuck over the years and we are known as “soapHOUSE”
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