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I would either ink the edges of the photos or outline them to help them stand out against the papers. The second one is looking better alreadythough.

I like the layout. I really like how you have added the title and date. It tones down the pp.

What about vellum over some of the patterns to tone them down? Or something like some wood veneer shapes to add some neutrality?

I don't dislike it though! Don't be too hard on yourself!

The 2nd one looks fun! What about some solid red scallops (like on your title) on the pp to help unify and tone the patterns down? Just a suggestion....

I think it feels very Christmasy but it is hard to have so many patterns IMO. It's fine as it is, but if you want to change out something, I might substitute the striped paper for the present paper to reduce the number of patterns. I rather like the page, the photos are fun.

I think the second layout is totally fine.
I was going to suggest covering up the present pp but I think just that little bit is okay. I say done is done and move on!

Aw, that's not so bad! I like it! The colors are a perfect match, and yeah, it's busy, but it looks fun too!

If you still want to do anything, I vote for simple classic embellishment, like 4 photo corners on the big outside corners if the spread, it if there's room to trim, maybe a big solid colored mat.

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