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Project - Guest Room/Scrap Room



Wow, you've given me some great ideas! Storage for me where I am right now is really a hodge-podge but in the next few weeks, I hope to convert a spare bedroom into a space something like this ... I'm sure it will never look this good, though! You've done a wonderful job and must be very happy scrapping in there.

LOVE this room!

LOVE this room!

Wow, this looks great as a spare bedroom and a craft space! What a great job getting so much in to such a small space. Hopefully, I can do the same to mine!

Beautiful room. I love the blue and white. Perfect place for scrapping and what a welcoming guest room! You did a great job.

you did a great job of making this room functional and beautiful! i love that it's still warm & inviting for guests but also a fabulous scrap space!

Project - Guest Room/Scrap Room
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Project - Guest Room/Scrap Room
posted 01/21/12 at 10:40 PM
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I have again updated my Guest/Scrap Room. I added additional storage with a new 9 hole cubby shelf under the window and a new buffet cabinet at the end of the bed. I also reorgainzed the armoire to get all my paper vertical and room for all my punches plus some additional scrappy storage.

We also pulled up the carpet and installed ceramic tile. I also purchased new curtains for the window.
I added additional closet storage. A ribbon rack on one closet door and a 12 wire cubby shelf in the other closet. The shelf is 14 x 14. I replaced all my 3 ring albums with 12 x 12 Iris boxes, except my Alaska cruise album, which was too thick and my Carribean/Mexico album form 2000 to 2010. I can fit 4 boxes per cube. I got on sale for $5 a piece at M's + used a 15% off the entire purchase coupon, so made them much more affordable then albums anyway. I labeled each box with it's contents.

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