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Project - Little Miss Money Bags

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Project - Little Miss Money Bags
About this project

Project - Little Miss Money Bags
by vverstrat
posted 02/15/13 at 04:53 PM
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I wanted to choose a paper that played up the periwinkle color of the bank in these photos, along with the orange and pink from my daughters jumper and this Basic Grey sheet did just that. I cut my 4x6 pics down to 4x4 in order to create a more cohesive look, as I originally had 2 horizontal and 1 vertical to work with. These Sassafras flowers have been sitting around my stash for far to long, and including them played up the feeling of the tropics, which is where we lived during these years….and I want my daughter to know that when looking back through her books. I was a bit bummed when the direct stamping onto my top speech bubble came out a bit too dark and not to my liking…it still bugs me, but I will have to move on, as I do not have a duplicate. TFL
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