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Project - my scrap room

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Gorgeous space! Love the wall colors &amp; carpet tiles. tfs! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

I want. I'm jealous =)

beautiful Love the rug

wow, this is fantastic! I love the color scheme!!!

Love your scrap space! It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

This room is GORGEOUS! Love the colors, its so clean!!!!

Project - my scrap room
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Project - my scrap room
by 2lilpeas
posted 07/19/05 at 04:57 PM
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*** Just wanted to add the supplies used in making this room. The cabinets, countertop and paints were purchased at Home Depot.They had to be assembled. My DH and friends installed almost everything, w/ the exception of having the countertop notched professionally so the corners could be connected.
I painted the stripes. Just random lines measured w/ a ruler, and lots of painters tape. The colors I used were all in a satin finish. The pink is: Harmony, The green: Carraway, and the white was just ultra pure white all made by BEHR. The pink and white photo boxes as well as the magazine holders were purchased at IKEA.(The mag.holders were unfinished so I painted them to match the room). The carpet squares were purchased at daisy squares are called she loves me and the color is petal pink.
the other squares are in the solid ground collection and their colors are: dusty pink, dream and citron.
I currently use several different types of storage for my ribbon. I bought this contraption on a trip last year to IKEA. It was bought for my kitchen in hopes of storing cling wrap, aluminum foil, and paper towels. It was a bit big for the area intended. So I used it for some ribbon I have bought recently. I dont have much wall space in my scrap room, and I dont want holes and such in the cabinets- so I screwed the ribbon holder to the bottom of my counter. I am glad I didnt use it in the kitchen. I think that about covers it, and I have answered all the questions I have received. Thanks so much for all the compliments on my room! Take what you can from it and show pictures!!!***

Being the mom of 2 boys I wanted a complete girly room. I finally have my scrap room finished. I may add a few things here and there, but for now-I LOVE IT!

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