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Project - Missing Lens/Untitled (Re-Do Project)

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Another great one :)

Great re-do. Love how you still kept the glasses on the new page. :)

Oh wow, Cindy - you're on a roll there!! :) Love the re-do of the layout! Great!

Project - Missing Lens/Untitled (Re-Do Project)
About this project

Project - Missing Lens/Untitled (Re-Do Project)
by cengland
posted 02/23/13 at 01:09 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This was the second of my first pages that I never liked. Better design principles in the original of this one but it just never felt right.

So I pulled it all apart and started over. I kept the yellow cardstock matte and the strip of multi-coloured stripe paper (one of my favourites from the time) and of course the glasses and loose lens. The stripe paper has a combination of soft yellow and ice blue, which worked perfectly with those colours in my remaining Christmas kit papers so I pulled those colours out specifically to use and backed it on a dark brown cardstock.

I used some white mist in a starburst mask to help lead the eye toward the loose lens, which I paired with a shipping tag and tucked into a glassine mini-bag. I'm really digging the combination of old and new here and how the whole page tells the story so much better.
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