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Project - Handmade Happiness



This is really pretty! Love the sewing you did and the gorgeous color scheme--great page!

The colors are beautiful. Love the borders.

The color scheme matches the photos perfectly, so great! Love the banner!

Love the fabric banner, it adds such great texture to the page.

Turned out awesome, and I am truly impressed that you were able to locate all the elements after the fact. That would so never happen for me - LOL.

What a great job using fabric! And kudos to you for completing the page and using all your intended saved stash!

Project - Handmade Happiness
About this project

Project - Handmade Happiness
by cengland
posted 05/11/13 at 04:00 AM
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I've been planning on making this layout for three years now but here are the really impressive things:

1. I bought the papers for this page probably two years ago - didn't have either the photos or the fabrics with me at the time and everything actually co-ordinates like a charm!

2. I had saved the Moda jelly roll ribbon and the strip off-cuts specifically to use on this layout and I actually still knew where they were located - truly shocking!

3. I also bought the pretty wood veneer flowers at the same time and they work wonderfully.

4. Those large brads I bought ages back and they have never co-ordinated with any colour palette I typically use BUT they're perfect on this one - whoot!

Incidentally, I managed to make no less than 3 mistakes in the journaling but thankfully with a combination of some creative thinking, letter fudging and an enamel dot, it worked out reasonably well in the end. Really must remember to turn off the radio when writing.

Glitter Girl Bold & Beautiful challenge tip: pair bright, bold and/or beautiful prints with something more calm and soothing over top to give the eyes a break from the business.

NSD Scrappy Toolbelt Challenge: rotary cutter, decoupage scissors, ink applicator, sewing machine, paper piercer (total: 5).

NSD Inspired by a GG Challenge: went bold like Shannon Tidwell.
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