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Project - 1st Valentine

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I am in love with that shower of hearts. Awesome page!

This is AMAZING!!!! How sweet a story! Did you make the sunburst with mists? The hearts emanating from the envelope is TRULY inspired! Wonderful job all around!

Such a lovely memory and you've recorded it beautifully! Love the hearts bursting out of the envelope!

This is a beautiful, classy layout. I love the envelope and the sunburst in hearts. Your journaling really touched my heart. What a blessing you must have been to him to merit such tender remembrances to you. I love this.

Oh wow... I wish my layouts would turn out like this when I let them gel a while. :) Gorgeous!!! First of all, I love your color scheme, but those hearts emanating from the envelope together with those rays is just an incredible design! I'm in awe! What a sweet, touching story of your grandfather. Such a wonderful story to capture!

I love how the hearts look like they are radiating from the envelope! And I really like the teal accents with the pink and burgundy. Lovely.

Project - 1st Valentine
About this project

Project - 1st Valentine
by cengland
posted 02/21/14 at 10:28 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I've never really had reason to make a Valentine's LO before but then over the Christmas holidays, my Mum told me the story of how my grandfather - a traditionally hard and strong man - bought me my first Valentine card, just weeks after I was born. He also bought me a card for every other celebration that year. I was so touched that it inspired this page.
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