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Project - "grayson"

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Project - "grayson"
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Project - "grayson"
by pinkalishious
posted 09/05/13 at 08:26 AM
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a book im making for my little nephew, his short little life we have enjoyed of only 10wks, he was created with defect's we knew about from the start, we were told he had 5% chance of survival, but the was graeter as the pregnancy went on, a few weeks before he was born they picked up a heart defects also & again we were re assured it may be fixed, if he can survive birth, he did! we then were told that one side of his heart doesn't work at all & the other side of his heart is all upside down inside out back to front blood is pumping the wrong way & lots of other problems that the dr felt like they couldn't be able to fix, because if they tried to fix the tubes going back to front may cause other problems for his heart being wrong in other way or part of his heart, so they medicated him enough for us all to round up & say good bye :-( they said when they take him off the meds he will only last a few hours, days went by, then weeks, he was feeding through a tube which he pulled out so they tried him on a bottle, we was strong enough to feed they never said he would!! But he couldn't consisantly feed in this way & so they put his feeding tube back in, on 2.9.2013 he gave up his fight & we have to say good bye. Im his auntie & the pain of this little angel gone is really unbearable, my whole heart is truly with his mummy, daddy & big brother & im preserving all of these precious memories in this book for them, this is whatscrapping is all about!!

Thanks for looking & if you got this far, thank's for reading my story xx

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