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Project - Witch's Feet T-shirt


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Project - Witch's Feet T-shirt
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Project - Witch's Feet T-shirt
by *HuskerFaninIL*
posted 09/29/09 at 09:11 AM
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I made this Halloween T-shirt for my Daughter using my Cricut. I cut out the shoes from the Paper Doll Dress up cartridge and George. You must use the real-dial size feature on your machine, or else your cuts with be itty bitty.

Before I attacked the fabric I took a pen and sketched out the shirt and then cut a sheet of Bazzill on my cricut to get the correct size for the shrit,I didnt want to waste fabric.

First you need to iron your fabric choices onto Wonder Under or some other iron on fabric binder. Once the fabric is ironed on, you can put the paper side of your fabric down onto your cricut mat (I used a new one to make sure it was good and stuck). Once your fabric is good and stuck you can put it in your machine and cut the shapes.

The t-shirt is a size 24 mons, just for reference, the shoes were cut at 3 inches Real Dial Size, the little squares for the tights were cut at 1.5 inches also real dial size. I cut the spider from PDDU at 3 inches at real dial as well.

After you cut your shapes, lay them out on your shirt and get your layout correct. Then peel off the wonder under paper and begin by ironing on your shapes, starting with the lowest layer (mine was the top orange square on the tights.) Continue layering all the tight squares and then the shoes.

Next I free cut the dress bottom and ironed it on. The spider was the last thing and I ironed him on.

After everything is ironed on you zig zag on a sewing machine to make sure they are all really adhered. I used black thread for the spider, shoes and dress. Then yellow for the orange and green tights.

I dressed up my spider with button eyes & a yellow mouth.

Then put the shirt on your kid and take loads of pics :D
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