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Project - Small space/shared space/ real life!



Makes me want to play in your it!!!

Love your space! The pink treasures box, is it an altered lunch box? LOVE IT!

Very nice!

Great space! Looks like you've made the most of your space!

Hey... whatever works, eh? Good use of the space, looks like to me! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Looks like a fun space to me! TFS

Project - Small space/shared space/ real life!
About this project

Project - Small space/shared space/ real life!
by Dancingfish
posted 04/28/07 at 04:34 PM
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This is my real life-small space scrapping space. Almost everything in there is hand me downs or finds from other places in my house. I share this room with our home office.
1)One wall for scrapping 9 ft “countertop” workspace (actually an old dresser top sitting on a bookshelf and paper rack)
2)Paper holder that DH made me: shelf 2 is where I transfer seasonal papers & embellishments- rotating seasonally shelf 3 Foam stamp container shelves 4&5 12x12 boxs to hold projects in progress (mini books etc)
3)Pattern paper holder- DH made for me. On top is my scrap holder—
4)Scraps- filed by color (this came with a top with handles that I don’t use)
5)Sticker storage- reuse of my wire cubes that I used to store paper in—Stickers, rubons etc stored in CH and Generation envelopes
6)Top of Workspace- Ikea drawers and metal buckets
7)Ikea desk organizer- holds matt stacks, acrylic stamps, rulers
8)Close up of clear envelopes for acrylic stamps
9)Example of bucket organization: this one holds foams stamps I use often
10 &11) Stamps and my Tote used to store my HS stash
12) Ribbon, more metal tins, ink basket—the in/out baskets hold finished layouts and bottom basket is where I throw scraps while I work.

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