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Project - Sk8r Girl

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Funny story!!

Project - Sk8r Girl
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Project - Sk8r Girl
by AussieMeg
posted 07/23/05 at 06:26 AM
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SK8R Girl
Stevie and I rollerbladed to the shops a couple of times while we were at Apollo Bay. One time we were rolling along down the road, holding hands, quickly gathering speed. I asked Stevie “Are you going to be able to stop?” She replied “No, are you?”. We were heading towards the T-intersection at the main road, and we were going wa-a-a-a-a-y too fast to stop. In a panic I steered us over to the side of the road and up onto the nature strip, where somehow – miraculously – I managed to stay on my feet. Stevie wasn’t so lucky, and ended up sprawled on the grass. Fortunately the grass softened her landing.

After that we decided it would be safer to go to the skate park alongside the beach. But every time we went there, the place was full of young teenage boys on bikes and skateboards. Finally on the last evening there Stevie decided to have a go on the skate ramps. There were a few spills, but being a good sport, Stevie was able to laugh about it, and luckily there were no major injuries.

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