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Project - How We Roll



This is an extraordinary layout. I love every bit of it!

I can't even begin to tell you how gorgeous this LO is!!! I may try this concept on a LO of my own. I love the lines. Thanks for sharing how you achieved the look.

Here is how to do the lines...

The lines are fun. And so simple. I have a plastic hotel key that I use to make them. I just take some paint on a piece of palette paper or a paper plate. I dab the end of a plastic hotel key (or an expired credit card or a card from an arcade - something like that) into the paint. Then I just tap that end of the card on the paper. I keep the lines close together and let the paint fade as I move down (or up). Then reload the paint and do it somewhere else.

Hope that helps!

Brilliant page! Love how you've done the background--those streaks are way cool. Would love to know who you made them!

Very cool!

Awesome memory to document, and I love how you designed your layout. I've used several photos of me (taken by my daughter) in our scrapbooks, but not done a layout about it. Something to think about. :)

Project - How We Roll
About this project

Project - How We Roll
by corej
posted 02/13/13 at 08:51 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

My girl was as into taking pictures as I was during a recent photo field trip to the train graveyard. She was a hoot shoot just about everything she saw, including me while I was taking her picture! We had a really fun day together!

I created this project for Evalicious, being totally inspired by the great camera icons she has on so many wonderful products.
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