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Project - Milestones: When I Grow Up...



Love this layout! All your details are inspiring! Cannot wait to try this idea out with my boys.

This is so, so sweet. What a little nurturer! Love how she's kissing the baby! I love how you embellish your pages. That little dream tab is perfect!

Love the fun colors and the set of photos, very sweet! :)

How stunning is this?!!!! You wow me each and every time!

love the colors combo

Freaking awesome - I donĀ“t know where to look at first! Love it, especially the colors.

Project - Milestones: When I Grow Up...
About this project

Project - Milestones: When I Grow Up...
by corej
posted 06/01/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

As a mom, I am still thrilled everyday by the milestones my kids reach. It is exciting when their first tooth comes in and when they take those first wobbly steps. I am learning from my friends with older kids that prom and high school graduation are no less thrilling. I guess, though, I have felt that I was in a slow place for milestones with my three. They all are in that go mode rather than the new mode. I was okay with that. Until the other day when I got pictures of my 6 year old in a cap and gown for her big kindergarten graduation. I lost it. Tears. Heart ache. I know it is just kindergarten and that there are a lot of years of school left, but those pictures really dug the point home that I am not low on milestones. I wanted to create a page to kind of wrap up her kindergarten year and her big move to 1st grade but I did not want to use the professional grad picture I was given. Instead, after being inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, I decided to to find out what she wants to be when she grows up and scrapbook that. Of course, I fully intend now to ask her this every year for the next 12. Let's see if I can do it.

For this page, I cropped each picture into a square and left a large white border. I loved how the wind blew her hair around and how she sat there giving sweet kisses to her baby. (There is a baby with her because she wants to be a baby nurse. I am not sure if that is labor and delivery, pediatrics or nicu, but she wants to be with the babies.) I clustered the photos together and added great embellishments like the vellum tags from Ormolu and wood hearts from Freckled Fawn. To balance the page, I used bold colors for the title with papers from Studio Calico's new line called Atlantic.

I was so inspired for my title by the amazing Wilna! I love how she uses her Cameo to cut out titles from her backgrounds and then adds patterned paper behind the letters for color. It is adorable and after watching her Art Class videos, I decided I wanted to play along too.
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