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Project - All About Me Theme: The Truth About Me




You say that you are scared but this was brave, honest and awesome! Great job! It turned out beautifuly too!

great way to approach the theme, and it turned out beautiful

Wow - love this introspective layout! I hope you do a flip-side layout about your amazing qualities. :)

I'm stress eating M&M's as I view this right now. I so get so much of this. And just so you know, you are AWESOME!!

Thanks for laying it all out there, Corrie - this is inspiring and so, so real. Your use of thickers is great!

Project - All About Me Theme: The Truth About Me
About this project

Project - All About Me Theme: The Truth About Me
by corej
posted 10/01/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

We all have a bunch of different sides to us, don't we? Some sides, our best sides, are the ones we want others to see. The other sides, maybe the not so great ones, we often hide and only our closest family see those things. Maybe not even them. It is tough to show others, especially online, the darker more inward sides of ourselves, but still it is a part of who we are, even if we wish it wasn't. That is where I went with this All About Me layout. The sides of me that you wouldn't know.

I am terribly insecure and often times have to talk myself out of feeling dejected. I don't like to be alone. (Definitely not an introvert here.) I am stress eater. I also eat when I am sad and depressed and lonely, etc. I like to start things, but I am really bad at finishing them. I am scared, a lot. About things that are new or a little risky or things I project to be real even when they are not. I am easily distracted. Did you see that squirrel??? I am a yeller. It releases energy for me, like a tea kettle. It is harmless, except maybe for your ears. I am not a risk taker. Not even a small one. I wish I was. I dream I can be. But that scared thing always keeps me from it. I am a dreamer, but rarely take action towards it. (Again, scared.) I wish things would happen, even though I know my inaction will prevent that. And I may be a over-reactor. My hubby calls me a hot head. I explode from time to time. I try to explode alone so I do not cause problems, but I haven't always been able to.

So that is the truth about me.

I was inspired to do this layout because in my sad, insecure state here lately I have gotten annoyed and even angry with only seeing and hearing the best and most beautiful about others. It is not just in the scrapbook world, this happens on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, at my girls school, at the soccer fields, at the grocery store, with the moms in my neighborhood, ANYWHERE! My truth and their perfection just was too much for me to reconcile and I was going to explode. This is that.

I decided to focus on American Crafts Thickers for this page. The words act as both my journaling and most of my embellishing. I love how the different fonts add emotion to the words. I also stuck with a more neutral color scheme, almost monotone, so that I wasn't blasting my truth, but still saying it.
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