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Project - Toad the shroom



Love the mist on your background and the stamping at the top, tfs!


Such a fun layout!!

Project - Toad the shroom
About this project

Project - Toad the shroom
by CaroBel
posted 01/30/13 at 02:26 PM
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Inspired by the challenge of glitter girl about journalling, I'd like to share a few thoughts about the journalling on this layout.

Actually I planed to create a layout with embellishments made from hama-beads a while ago. However I did not feel the story behind the photo or the embellishments I made. Despite this, I eventually started with the layout, keeping in mind a advice I once received: If you don't know what to do, just start anyway.
I left the title and the journaling for the very end of my process, and finally I got it. I realized that even though the photo seemed rather ordinary it reminds me of many little things I loved. In my journaling I'm therefore talking about all those little things such as: my camera (analogue rolleiflex), my first game super mario bros with toad, the toad we received from a very good friend living in australia with whom we just happen to speak before this picture was taken.
The title allusions to one of my favourit jokes when I was a teeny.

In case you wonder what the joke is about, here it is. However you might not find it funny.
Two guys take a walk in the forest. One of them sees a shroom and says “Look, a shroom.” And the shroom reply “So what!”.

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