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Project - My Craftroom



so that's what it looks like when it's neat.

Your hubby and FIL have a great talent! That table is just so lovely!

I love love love your table! Also love how everything is in rainbow order! I do that too. In fact, looking through all these scrap spaces, I want to barge into all the spaces and rearrange their paper in rainbow order. I'm obsessed. Great space!

I love the display of your collection of the letter "R". My name is Rhonda too and that is an aweseome idea!

What a lucky person you are this is one of the best scraprooms i have seen.

This is crazy beautiful!!!
Seriously, I would never leave this room if I were you!! haha
I never want to leave mine &amp; it looks nothing like this!! haha
TFS ~ I Love everything about it <img border='0' src='/graphics/mbicons/smilies_v2/smile.gif'>

Project - My Craftroom
About this project

Project - My Craftroom
by HelpMeRonda
posted 12/08/08 at 09:42 AM
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I haven't taken all the photos of my space yet but thought I would share what I have. I know I am truly blessed to have such a space. My Hubby and FIL made all the cabinets, table, shelving, drawers, etc. The table itself is about 14.5 ft and is meant for sharing. The table has shallow drawers that hold various items like adhesive, inks, small stamps, embellishments. The cabinets and countertop behind the table/desk is where my computer & printer sit. I also have my cardstock out on the counter. The drawers there are both shallow and deep holding a variety of items too. There are 4 extra deep drawers that hold my pattern paper and my sticker letters. I am an “out in the open” kind of girl…but I also want it to be pretty. So I arrange most of my stuff in rainbow order. I have collected small jars to store my ribbons, felts, buttons, and other stuff. I have most of my wooden stamps out and on some custom made shelf expanders (like the ones you find for storing spices or canned goods). I absolutely love having them out and they get used way more. Above my computer is a dry eraser board and bulletin board. A place where I can jot down notes & ideas, and pin inspiration. Above the boards is my fabric line. I got this idea from a country living magazine. I took two strong hooks and picture frame wire to create the line. I bought some really inexpensive clothes pins and hung up my fabric pieces. Functional Art. I have a pamper chef spinning tool keeper on my desks that holds various tools, pens, knifes, Popsicle sticks, etc. Across the room is my “r” collection on the white shelving. Also there is more cabinetry/shelving and sink. I haven't taken a picture of that side of the room yet. Hopefully sometime soon. TFL.

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